February 22, 2021

Remember a week or so ago we discussed how the U.S. Census had been delayed in getting its results together and wondered what the impact could be?

Right after we wrote that blog, word came out that the 2020 Census data was now not going to be released until September 30, 2021.

If you remember, typically the Census Bureau wraps its work up by the end of the year, then the numbers get released after the first of the year.  This year, delay after delay has raised concerns and questions.

Now, word is out that the Census data delay will throw off local elections in several counties in North Carolina. Not all cities and counties have the same local election schedule. Various communities that typically have elections this year may have to hold off on their elections until March 2022 or possibly later according to election officials.

The Census Bureau says it will apparently make the April 30 deadline in getting enough apportionment data to states so they will be able to complete the redistricting process that governs how we elect our U.S. Congressmen.

The U.S. Census is a process that occurs every ten years and typically the numbers are out in time for legislatures to redraw maps in plenty of time for the next election – the next Congressional election is in 2022. North Carolina is expected to be one of only a few states to pick up another Congressional seat to give us 14 Congressmen, and in turn, another seat in the Electoral College.

As we all know, the partisan margin in Congress is very close. It will be interesting to watch and see if there any more hold-ups on the Census that impact the results of the redistricting process and in turn the next election.