February 3, 2021

Concerning the editorial cartoon that appeared on WRAL’s website yesterday, two words come to mind.

Outrageous. As many others have said, the portrayal of the Republican members of the State Board of Education in the white robes of the KKK and targeted at the first black Lt. Governor – a Republican – in North Carolina history, who is on the Board, is despicable and outrageous. There was a day when WRAL could be counted on for a balanced representation of the news but the way it now participates in the daily liberal feeding frenzy is astonishing.

Sad. When we found out that WRAL’s cartoonist was an 8th grade History teacher in Johnston County schools, it made us sad that somebody who would deliver such a low blow in characterizing these Republicans as Klansmen in this kind of attack just because they have a different point of view is teaching young minds the history of our country. Can you imagine what each day’s lessons are like as he colors our history with his agenda?

We’re left wondering – beyond the struggle in the State Board of Education over adding more to the curriculum that would require discussions of racial issues, inclusion, and diversity in social studies classes – about two things.

Who are the people teaching these classes at other schools across the state and do they have an agenda similar to the one the WRAL editorial cartoonist apparently has? And second, so much time is spent today focusing on social history that many of the fundamental basics of our history are not taught any more because of lack of time, so where will all this time be found to add these new requirements?  You got it – the New Left curriculum requirements will replace more fundamental American history.