January 29, 2021

The debate continues to grow over the new data and statistics that show the impact of the COVID virus is negligible in schools and the chances of schoolchildren transmitting the disease is “extremely rare” while teachers unions refuse to go back to in-person learning.

New York Times writer David Brooks lit into teachers union leaders in a column yesterday, calling for “Children to be back in school tomorrow.” He cited the mental health issues, the impact of “learning loss” on children’s futures, and cited study after study that shows kids can safely return to school. Maybe the biggest blow in his piece: “The unions are not reflecting reality. Instead of addressing legitimate fears with facts and evidence, they are using their political muscle to inflame those fears.”  It’s definitely worth a read.

It’s made for some ridiculous times for liberals. Ben LaBolt, communications strategist and assistant press secretary for President Obama, said on Twitter yesterday: “Instead of say focusing on the COVID crisis and ensuring kids are getting educated during the pandemic, the San Francisco School Board spent yesterday voting nearly unanimously to remove the names Lincoln, Roosevelt and Feinstein from city schools.”

He’s right. Instead of addressing a real crisis for our children as they face problems with anxiety, depression and an education deficit because of the refusal by teachers unions to allow in-person learning, the San Francisco school board spent their time fighting what in their minds is a bigger crisis, and voted 6-1 to rename schools named after George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson and even California’s liberal Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein.

It’s a different type of liberal that exists in this country today. The difference in past times between liberal and conservatives usually boiled down to their different approaches in trying to fix problems that both sides agreed were problems. Mr. Brooks and Mr. LaBolt sound like they have that approach.

Today’s ultra-leftist liberal agenda feels very different. Their radical approach seeks to create a new reality and new agenda and are intent on making those with more traditional values march to the tune of that agenda. And if you don’t agree with what they want to change, there’s no discussion – their tactic and battering ram is to try to isolate you and call you an extremist.

It’s showing up in this debate on returning kids to school.  There is no good reason why leaders are not shifting their decisions and sending children back into schools.

Liberal leaders said months ago that every decision needed to be made on data and science. Well, okay, now that expert studies, medical opinion and data analysis are stacking up that proves this is a good idea, what is the hold-up?

As we have said, it boils down to pure politics. It’s about teachers unions – and the money that is poured into political campaigns. And the fact that that element is finally being exposed is driving the liberal powerbrokers crazy. Peeling back the layers and uncovering the real motivation of the teachers’ union leaders – that they appear to care more about politics and power than they do about the actual schoolchildren – could be devastating to their future.

Word is out that the NC General Assembly could be taking up legislation that addresses getting schoolchildren back to in-person learning as quickly as possible since Governor Cooper continues to side with his teachers union allies and will not take action.

We applaud the efforts by the Reform Majority in taking action. It is a noble goal and we wish them the best.