January 15, 2021

An Idaho study released last week by the Idaho Freedom Foundation and the Claremont Institute’s Center for the American Way of Life examines how social justice ideology has pervaded Idaho’s state universities. It looks at the way activists infiltrate universities and seek to impact students’ ideas and belief systems.

What is amazing about this study is that Idaho is a seriously “red” state and one wouldn’t think the activity described in the study would be possible there. But the study shows a determined effort to introduce a class warfare environment and assault on free speech into Idaho’s university structure similar to the stepped-up efforts we’re seeing in other areas of our culture these days.  Here’s a sample from the report:

Activists have infiltrated the highest levels of the BSU administration. From these perches, they require students to take social justice courses such as the University Foundations of Ethics and Diversity course, “History of inequality, marginalization.” Students must pay for a minimum of four social justice education courses before completing their sophomore year.

Social justice has seized control of residence hall directors and the broader division of student life causing students to spend more money on indoctrination by simply living and sleeping on campus.

It gets worse. Social justice ideology plays a significant part in at least 14 departments at BSU. Even seemingly professional departments like the College of Engineering and the College of Business and Economics have adopted social justice aspirations. Students who graduate with majors or minors like social work, gender studies, sociology, global studies, history, or criminal justice can be sure their expensive diploma represents their new status as social justice warriors. Regardless of the major students choose, they “cannot avoid exposure to social justice education, though they can avoid American history, government and literature.”

BSU hired administrators and adopted policies to carry out its social justice goals. First, the university hired a Director of Diversity and Inclusion to identify and empower student activists on campus. Following the Big City Coffee scandal, he called for a “revolution” to ensure all campus vendors will contribute to dismantling phantom structures of “white supremacy.” The university is planning to hire a Vice Provost of Equity and Inclusion.”

Check out the Idaho study if you’re interested in a deeper dive.

Reading this makes you wonder if these things are going on in North Carolina’s state universities. Most folks have a favorite in-state school and may be confident “that’s not going on there.” Our thought is you might be surprised just how far off the rails our universities have gotten and might be shocked at what they are dripping into our student’s brains on a daily basis.

We know there are good professors at many of our schools and in spite of the radical agenda spouted by some, that our colleges are for the most part providing a solid education to our children. The part that galls a lot of folks is that there doesn’t seem to be much balance and that it seems like the Left thinks there’s no room to hear from the conservative viewpoint.

It would be nice to get some data to see if what’s happening in Idaho is happening in North Carolina.