The Socialist Seep

January 12, 2021

The NC General Assembly is headed back for a short visit today, then they’ll go back into session in earnest at the end of the month.

Issues will be debated. Policy will be modified and adjusted. And ultimately votes will be taken that will affect the lives of North Carolina families and the bottom lines of NC businesses.

One thing we will be watching in this “long” session of the legislature will be the increasing influence and execution of socialist principles in state government. Bernie Sanders, and AOC and her Squad in Congress, have created awareness of socialist inroads in the Democrat Party at the national level.

Most observers would agree that the days of moderate “business Democrats” have passed.  Now, emboldened by their national allies, it will be interesting to watch as the newer, more liberal members of the General Assembly will attempts to take North Carolina to the Left this session.

Remember, in our end-of-October 2020 poll, when NC voters were asked whether they had a favorable or unfavorable impression of the Socialism, 38% of Biden voters were Unfavorable to the term by only 38%, while 32% were Favorable to Socialism. And white women aged 18-34 were Favorable 46%-37%.

With numbers like that, those who care about free enterprise should be concerned where this might head both at the policy level and in other areas of our society. Like a steadily dripping faucet, under the guise of social justice, socialist principles are seeping into the foundation pieces of our culture – through education, the media, churches and popular mediums that are absorbed every minute on phones, Ipads and laptops.

One of the areas of concern is how this socialist viewpoint and messaging may be seeping into our public schools and our university system. Wouldn’t it be fascinating to find out the worldview of our North Carolina teachers and education leaders – the folks we entrust to spend hours each day teaching and guiding our children?

The other area is our universities. In coming days, we’ll take a look at how the new socialist agenda may be seeping into our colleges and universities.

Meanwhile, let’s keep a sharp eye on what happens this legislative session to see if a “Squad” materializes in North Carolina to take on the Reform Majority.