January 5, 2021

So here we are in the first week of January, 2021. As I write this, the big question is what the results will be tonight from the Georgia U.S. Senate run-offs. Once we find out those results, and Congress casts its votes for President tomorrow based on the Electoral College’s December vote, another chapter of our history will begin to unfold.

Some fear Democrat wins in Georgia will produce a national government with Democrats controlling the U.S. House, U.S. Senate and the Presidency. With no brakes on the liberal leadership that could end up controlling those institutions, we shudder to think what path our country could head down.

As liberal Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has said, “Now we take Georgia, then we change America.”

We thought it important to take note where we are at the end of President Donald Trump’s tenure in the White House. Most elections are won or lost as Americans vote with their pocketbooks. That didn’t happen this election. We believe we need to remember where we are with some “benchmark” stats as the reins to our national government are handed over in the next few weeks.

Stock market: Dow Jones rating 1/5/2021:  30,300

NC Unemployment rate (as of 11/30/21):    6.2%

Gas prices (unleaded – NC)                            Around $2.00

Interest rates (30 year fixed):                        2.66% – 30 year fixed

It’s actually quite remarkable what important things have been accomplished in the last four years – only to end up with a Biden presidency. When Obama left the White House, the world was fearful of terrorism and ISIS threatened Middle East security and the world.  Korea was blatantly testing nukes and spreading realistic nuclear fears. The federal judiciary was becoming more and more liberal. The economy limped along, still trying to recover from a recession. We could go on and on.

As we now witness the coming changing of the guard, ISIS has been flattened. Korea is corralled. Amazing strides have been made in the Middle East to calm tensions between Isarael and Arab states. There is a more conservative stamp on our federal judiciary and the economy – pre-COVID – was roaring. Even with COVID, it has recovered amazingly. Who would have thought last March that Dow Jones stocks would be over 30,000, and unemployment would be almost down to 6% after all the economic calamity our country has been through.

Now, it’s time to watch and see how the other team does now that it’s getting ready to have the ball. May God bless America.