December 11, 2020

Why are liberals going all out to extend the post-election vote counting processes to win the NC Supreme Court Chief Justice race between current Chief Justice Cheri Beasley and Supreme Court Justice Paul Newby?

Part of their desperation has to stem from the fact that in virtually every other important race in North Carolina, liberals came up short in the recent election in spite of hundreds upon hundreds of million dollars being spent to defeat conservatives.

And with so much leftist money targeted at the judiciary across the country from mega-donors like George Soros, losing the Chief Justice seat in North Carolina would be a crushing blow.

Going into the latest recount phase of this election, after a statewide machine recount, Justice Newby was ahead by 401 votes. There’s another “hand-to-eye” recount going on now that appears to not be changing many votes, according to up-to-the-minute reports.

All eyes are now on Chief Justice Beasley’s efforts to get county boards of elections to count previously thrown out ballots and the ultimate moment of decision by the Governor Cooper-controlled State Board of Elections on December 18.

There’s concern with that. The Board of Elections’ recent track record includes extending the number of days to count mailed in ballots – subverting the General Assembly’s power to make election law.

Others conservatives are writing articles on the Chief Justice race recount process.  Civitas writes: “The state board can’t adopt some new standard to make most of these rejected ballots legal. Almost all the ballots in question have been cast by people who already voted, who are not registered, or who are felons and are ineligible to vote. It is not within the board’s discretion to count these ballots. It would be illegal to do so.”

How ironic that the campaign of the Chief Justice – who is supposed to uphold the Rule of Law – is under fire now. Apparently, her campaign is offering up large numbers of rejected ballots of registered Democrats for reconsideration and only a miniscule number of Republicans.

The Civitas article cited the News and Observer, saying an “analysis that matched more than 2,800 names on the campaign’s list with public election data shows that about 70% identify as Democrats. Another 800 are unaffiliated. Only nine voters matched from Beasley’s list were members of the GOP – less than 1% of the total.”

Why would the Beasley campaign risk the ridicule of going that far? Why would the State Board of Elections risk their supposed impartiality? Why is this process being dragged out on and on when recounts show little change?

It’s apparent that the liberals will go all out to the bitter end to win this race.

Why? They know that the Supreme Court and the Chief Justice seat could be critically important as state legislative and Congressional seats are up for change in upcoming statewide redistricting.

They know that the Supreme Court could play a role in important regulatory reforms –and make crucial and costly decisions that could impact small and big business in our state, and in turn our economy and jobs.  The Court could be a factor in election reform… in education reform… and could rule on important issues as the socialist left attacks our free enterprise traditions. They could rule on important issues that impact individual freedom and families.

Governor Cooper has a special interest because North Carolina’s high courts increasingly have become a centerpiece in power struggles between the General Assembly and the Governor.

Many people don’t realize it but the Chief Justice has a strong hand in the administration of the court system in North Carolina.

Finally – the direction of the Supreme Court as it has become more liberal has been to legislate from the bench. That kind of judicial activism where judges overturn existing law and make decisions that in essence create law based on their own beliefs could shift with a new Chief Justice and go back to basing their interpretations strictly on the Constitution.

So when you see the drama on this race unfold in the next week or so, know it’s because it matters greatly to North Carolina’s future.