November 13, 2020

The liberals who poured millions of dollars into North Carolina’s legislative races are hopping mad that they fell far short of gaining majority control of the NC General Assembly. Their frustration showed up Thursday in a WRAL editorial that tried to make the ludicrous case that the losses suffered by their liberal cronies were a result of “a still-gerrymandered legislature.”

What makes the editorial almost laughable is that the legislative maps for the 2020 election were drawn by the Democratic Party’s redistricting mapmaking expert, University of Michigan professor Dr. Jowei Chen. The process was overseen by Senate Democrats and they made the only changes to the maps.

A press release from Senate Republicans highlighted the absurdity of the WRAL claims with quotes from Senate Democrats who praised the redistricting map-making effort upon completion:

Senate Minority Leader Dan Blue (D-Wake) stated: “This is the most transparent redistricting process in history. The maps produced in this room in the last several days are fair and nonpartisan.”

Sen. Jeff Jackson (D-Mecklenburg) said: “I feel as someone who has been a frequent critic of redistricting, I’m duty-bound to acknowledge these are the fairest maps and this was the fairest process to occur in NC in my lifetime.”

Sen. Natasha Marcus (D-Mecklenburg) stated: “I believe these Senate maps are as good as humans can draw.”

Those statements by Senate Democrats reflect the truth of the situation.  Observers can be left with but one conclusion concerning the WRAL editorial: the liberal media’s fervor for what they hope to happen has affected their reporting to the point where they not only distort the truth, they botch it so badly that it obliterates any attempt at credibility.

It’s sad that more and more every day the institutions and sources of information we once trusted for the truth have drifted further and further away from it. What a shame.