November 12, 2020

Between COVID-19 concerns and post-election postmortems, it would be easy to let the importance of Veterans Day slip through without acknowledgement. That’s not happening here. We attended a Veterans Day ceremony today and honored those vets and especially my World War II Navy veteran father for the service they have given our country to keep us free.

We hope you were able to honor a vet today, even in the simplest way, to thank them for their service. I would venture to say that would be a good idea to do all of the month of November since it is the month that hosts our Thanksgiving holiday and its time of giving thanks to the good Lord.

Fortunately, our country has maintained peace through strength for decades and we haven’t had a serious threat to American soil. Because of that, it’s been a long while since a whole generation of Americans signed up to protect our country. It seems the further way we get from the history lived by those who served in past wars, the more it shows in our current culture.

Just look at the recent election. We just endured an election where law and order ended up being a decisive issue and where an extremist liberal element called for Defunding the Police. We actually have members of Congress who shamelessly espouse socialism – once a feared specter and integral element of the Cold War. Polls show a high degree of acceptance of socialism in younger Americans.

I wondered today what our veterans have thought this past year as they saw the country they swore to protect riddled with unrest, riots and looting, saw demonstrators spitting in the face of law enforcement and other boorish behavior. I wondered where they think our country is headed – in a positive direction, or down a slippery slope.

That’s a conversation for another day. The task before you and I who enjoy such rich freedoms in this great country because of their military service is to thank each and every veteran you know this month for being willing to put themselves in harm’s way and offer the ultimate sacrifice for our country.