August 6, 2020

I saw on Facebook recently a piece on inventions created in North Carolina.

One particularly interesting item addressed was all the headache powders that started in the Old North State.

According to the article, BC Headache Powder was invented in 1906 in Durham by pharmacists Germain Bernard and Commodore Council.

Thomas Stanback invented Stanback Headache Powder in Salisbury in 1911.

Pharmacist Martin “Goody” Goodman created Goody’s in Winston-Salem in 1932.

A lot of people only know the names of these headache powders from seeing their decals on race cars through the years. But for others, these North Carolina creations have been a major source of fast headache relief for generations.

The question comes to mind: Why so many headache powders in North Carolina?  Was North Carolina the headache capital of the country?

You can rest assured that government overregulation would probably stifle that kind of innovation in this state today.

Here’s to North Carolina’s heritage of entrepreneurship.  And wishing that some enterprising North Carolina soul would invent a powder to relieve the collective pain stemming from COVID-19 and the economic shutdown it caused, the creeping socialism that is emerging into everyday culture, the attacks on our free enterprise system, the muzzling of common sense, and the crumbling of our law-and-order system.

And as the commercials say, we need it fast…