July 31, 2020

Kudos to WTVD-TV for their investigation into rising unemployment fraud. With all the unemployment claims being filed as a result of the economic downturn from COVID-19, miscreants are attempting to take advantage of the unemployment system through identity theft, impostor fraud, and other unauthorized attacks on the banking system.

The WTVD ABC11 report includes interviews with citizens who have experienced identity theft and unemployment claim fraud.

According to the WTVD report, here are the things to watch for:

-Receiving communications regarding unemployment insurance forms when you have not applied for unemployment benefits.

-Unauthorized transactions on your bank or credit card statements related to unemployment benefits.

-Any fees involved in filing or qualifying for unemployment insurance.

-Unsolicited inquiries related to unemployment benefits.

-Fictitious websites and social media pages mimicking those of government agencies.

This is not just a North Carolina problem.  The FBI reports that the scams are prevalent nationwide and part of a sophisticated push into identity theft.  For more information, please read this entire article.

As if we didn’t have enough attacks on our way of life and the everyday systems we count on to be sound and secure, and take for granted each day, it’s time to be on alert and take steps to be wary and protect yourself.