July 29, 2020

One of the TV series that caught our eye during the COVID-19 shutdown and quickly had us bingeing away was Designated Survivor – with Kiefer Sutherland as a low-level Cabinet member who suddenly becomes President of the United States after a bomb takes out the Capitol during the State of the Union address and all of those in the line of succession before him. (Its main intrigue for me was how hard Sutherland had to work not to slip into his former role as 24’s Jack Bauer.) 

What an amazing coincidence it was as I recently watched the third episode in Season 2 with the storyline unveiling President Kirkman’s White House trying to figure out on one hand how to handle racial accusations pertaining to a statue of a Confederate war general in Tennessee and whether to move it, and on the other hand deal with a deadly flu outbreak down South which initially had a forty percent fatality rate of those infected and the CDC believing the outbreak would spread throughout the country in just a few days.  How strange that a TV show airing back on October 11, 2017 would have America dealing with those fictional crises in the same episode that we are dealing with now in 2020.

The good news is they got through it on TV, and my prayer is that our country can somehow fight off this virus in time to calm down the law-and-order unrest that is pulling the threads out of the tapestry that is our country.

As much as I hope this is just another tough time our country has to go through and that everything will come out all right, something seems different. It may just be the impact the virus has had on everybody – something few people in our lifetime has had to deal with.

But there seems to be so much going on right now that points to a weakening of our country from within at the same time there are serious concerns about foreign powers seeking our demise from without.  Frankly, the liberal agenda appears to be at full throttle at every turn.

Civitas’s Brian Balfour did a piece the other day examining the leftist agenda in North Carolina that was eye-opening for how ludicrous the Left’s demands were at the same time it was believable that their demands could become reality if current trends continue in the same direction.

People often glaze over when told about all the activity generated by liberal groups in North Carolina that impact the issues they care about, the businesses they run, and their families well-being. The suggestion might be made that if you’re concerned about where things are headed in our state and country, it would be good to be informed about these activities and who’s behind it.

Balfour described the platform of a new coalition called NC United for Survival and Beyond. It is made up from over 200 left-leaning organizations in the state. They state that “This health crisis is exposing, in no uncertain terms, the social, economic, and political crisis that our communities have been bearing for decades and more.” They then call for “a waiver of all tenants from rent and utilities,” the elimination of all right-to-work laws, for people to be released from jails and prison, and for a permanent universal basic income of $1200 a month to all citizens.  Read Mr. Balfour’s article for a more in-depth description of the impact of their demands.

These demands and the formation of a group of liberal activists like this is nothing new.  Nationally, there was the ACORN group back in the early 2000s that helped Barack Obama get elected before it was shut down in 2010 that had a North Carolina branch. Then there was Blueprint NC – formed in 2006 by the left-financing Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation. It was funded additionally in subsequent years by numerous groups including the Tides Foundation and the Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation. It included 41 liberal-leaning groups united to “help ‘progressive’ advocacy groups coordinate activities and messaging.” Check out the Blueprint website. See who was on their board and on their staff.

Blueprint NC’s strategy memo instructed that their faithful should be at work “crippling” leaders McCrory, Tillis and Berger, and most memorably, Blueprint NC was the group that urged their workers to “Eviscerate the leadership and weaken their ability to govern.”

What is new is the pervasiveness of their numbers, their message and its resonance with average citizens. So it’s alarming that the numbers of groups involved in the NC United liberal coalition is increasing. It’s alarming that the COVID shutdown has seemed to empower the civil unrest in our streets. And it’s alarming that liberal money from across the country, especially California and New York, is pouring into our state to add to money being dumped in by megafunders like George Soros to assist liberal activists.

It’s hard to put your finger on one thing that seems different this year beyond the COVID virus fears. Maybe it’s just that and nothing else. Or maybe it’s the feeling of helplessness, the lawlessness, the political correctness that has people scared to talk about anything and not knowing who they can trust. All I know it sure was a strange coincidence to see viruses and statues in the same episode of Designated Survivor. Reckon the Chinese Communists in Wuhan watched that show – or have I been reading too many spy novels?