July 22, 2020

If you thought civil unrest dealing with issues like defunding the police would hopefully die down, think again.

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Liberal megafunder, George Soros, is pouring a big pile of money – $220 million – into his Open Society Foundations to fund groups like the Equal Justice Initiative and Black Lives Matter that are “fighting for police reform and increased ballot access,” according to an article on

Soros’ Open Society organization stated that it is investing the money in national groups and also divvying up money to local groups “to fund young people participating in internships and civic engagement, as well as ‘efforts to fight voter suppression and disinformation’.”

Soros is a major funder of liberal causes around the world, and is listed by Forbes magazine as one of a group of billionaires who are helping bankroll organizations supporting 2020 U.S. elections.  

No stranger to North Carolina politics, Soros must have liked what he got with his and his son’s contributions to Governor Roy Cooper in 2016, since state election records show that Soros and his son have once again donated the maximum amount possible to Governor Cooper’s 2020 election campaign.

In addition, according to the State Board of Elections, George Soros has contributed $250,000 to the NC Democratic Leadership Committee (NCDLC) in 2020.  Left-leaning money continues to pour into the state with no end in sight.