July 13, 2020

News Flash. The hedge fund company that owns the National Enquirer has bought the bankrupt McClatchy company that owns the Raleigh News and Observer and the Charlotte Observer.

Just think… if you didn’t believe the news from these papers before, now you’ll have a reason to say why. And if you like scandal and sensation, you won’t have to go to the grocery store checkout aisle to get it.

COVID-19 Activity Risks. We all continue to read about the changing theories and approaches to deal with COVID-19. The main thing that seems to make sense now is, however you choose to be more active beyond staying at home, wear a mask and leave distance between you and others. Pretty common-sense stuff if we want to not go back into some sort of shutdown mode.

One article that walks through this common-sense approach came from Texas and includes a chart that gives people a sense of what their risks are doing various activities.  Most have probably seen it, but thought it was worth putting out.