July 8, 2020

This may sound like a story about Raleigh that has no impact on where you may live. But the concern is that the liberals’ agenda to disrupt society is getting to the point that it will have an impact on law and order in cities, counties and towns across the state.

You’ve heard of the efforts of mobs in the streets across the country calling for radical change and making demands for defunding the police. Here in North Carolina, by now you have probably seen the video of protesters blocking Capital Boulevard in downtown Raleigh last Thursday and the amazing shot of one protester holding on to the hood of a car as it broke out of the blockade and was able to get away.

A timeline analysis of the Capital Boulevard protests showed the protesters blocked the major thoroughfare for over an hour before police were finally able to reopen the road.

Stories abound from this article and others telling how some drivers backed up in traffic were trapped in fear in their cars. The timeline makes a point of detailing how long it took before police responded and began to make arrests. The national assault on law and order produces some serious questions. If large cities are run by left-leaning Mayors and City Councils who will not support the legitimate actions of law enforcement, what are police supposed to do in face of angry mobs? How do they do their jobs in this atmosphere?

The union representative of local Raleigh police officers described the no-win situation they’re in, saying “officers are more hesitant to move in too quickly now, however, because of intense scrutiny from the public and leadership at the Raleigh Police Department. ‘They are walking a very fine line when they do anything at all to enforce the law because they not only have to worry about their safety, but they also have to worry about whether the administration is going to support them on their decisions,’ he said.”

So what are law-abiding citizens supposed to think? Are police able to do what is necessary to protect citizens and their property when they are hogtied by the liberal leadership of our cities?

Before the protesters blocked Capital Boulevard, the story details how “at 4:56 p.m., a group of 20 protesters circled a squad car with two officers trapped inside. No action was taken for half an hour before two SWAT officers asked the protesters to let the trapped officers out, and they were able to exit the vehicle at 5:33 p.m.”

What? Two Raleigh police officers trapped in a squad car for over 30 minutes and not able to get out because they’re surrounded by 20 unarmed protesters? What’s going on with that? Did the Mayor tell them to stay put? Did Governor Cooper get involved?

A friend sent along U.S. Congressman David Rouzer’s July 7 newsletter that reports what’s happened in big cities that have given in on law and order and done it the liberal way:

“With the lack of support from mayors of a major cities in general and the ridiculous movement to defund the police around the country, it is no wonder that there has been a staggering uptick in violence in our nation’s cities.  

“Take a look at this data: 87 shot, 17 fatally, during the July 4th weekend in Chicago. 64 shot, 10 dead in New York City over the weekend. The 205 shootings in New York in June were the city’s highest for that month since 1996. Seven people were shot in the span of three hours in Philadelphia, which has seen a 57% increase in shootings from last year. In the first week of June alone, the Los Angeles Police Department reported that homicides jumped 250% compared to the previous week.”

Just ask the downtown Raleigh businesses that were ransacked, looted and burned back in late May what can happen when police are not allowed to do their job, law and order is not upheld, and mob behavior is unleashed.

With the national press fanning the flames, it doesn’t feel like this issue will go away any time soon. We are stressed enough with all the ramifications of the COVID-19 pandemic on our everyday lives. We count on law and order as a given that enables us to keep all of our families safe, and pursue our livelihoods and dreams. It’s a basic element of civilized society.

Our liberal leaders have been noticeably silent as unrest unravels law and order. Few words have been heard from this governor (who seemed to be Attorney General forever), the current hotshot Attorney General, and the mayors of major cities who seem content to watch lawlessness prevail as they hold back frustrated police officers. It’s hard to believe how this could all be part of some genius political strategy, but maybe it is.