July 3, 2020

Surprise, surprise. Governor Roy Cooper vetoed eight more bills yesterday that lawmakers passed this legislative session that primarily addressed the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cooper continued the veto barrage, saying NO to four bills that included the reopening of businesses like gyms and bowling alleys that would keep groups from congregating. reported that Governor Cooper “vetoed bills that would have reopened bowling alleys, skating rinks, amusement parks, event venues and other businesses, as well as another attempt to get gyms operating again.” Cooper also vetoed a bill that “prohibited any governor from extending a state of emergency for more than 30 days without the approval of the Council of State, a group of 10 statewide elected officials.”

House Speaker Tim Moore responded by saying “Governor Cooper’s scattershot executive orders are picking winners and losers instead of delivering real results for the people of North Carolina…. Families and individuals are desperate for a balanced approach to recovery that protects the public’s health without permanently devastating small businesses across our state. Actions always speak louder than words, and it is clear Governor Cooper is unwilling to prioritize struggling North Carolinians over his own power.”

People continue to be frustrated and question the Governor’s broad-brush action affecting the entire state when statistics show more COVID deaths in some regions than others, and the virus being far more likely to cause death with senior adults. Meanwhile, North Carolina’s service, hospitality and fitness industries strain to survive after being crushed by Cooper’s orders and now his vetoes.

We hear a lot about statistics from the Governor. Wonder how many North Carolina workers are involved in each of the industries the Governor continues to keep closed?

Do you think the Governor knows?