June 17, 2020

Here’s another item that occurred in the recent flurry of CV-19 and civil unrest news activity that we didn’t want to lose sight of and believe is important for you to be aware of. 

The State Board of Elections tried to pull a fast one at the May 21, 2020 NC Rules Review Commission meeting where they asked for significant changes to be made to state election rules – all in the name of being overwhelmed by COVID-19.

According to an article in the Laurinburg Exchange, the changes the Board of Elections sought “would have allowed the board to delay hearings for candidate challenges and election protest appeals, change some election dates, and move the deadline for voter registration. The powers would also allow the board to shift deadlines to complete and report the sorting for ballots by precinct, as well as deadlines to accept absentee by-mail ballots.”

It’s not necessary to go into all the details of the proceedings except for you to know that the Rules Review Commission voted unanimously NO against the SBOE’s proposals. We highly encourage you to read the entire article to understand what they were attempting to do. 

It’s fascinating that the Board of Elections tried to sneak their proposals into this 10-member commission, created in 1986 with the charge “to review and approve rules adopted by state agencies.” As Commission member Tommy Tucker said, “There is a gross misunderstanding of what the RRC purview is … or it is a devious stunt by the Board of Elections…. I’m concerned this is an end-run around the public, the General Assembly, and the courts.”

The main thing. There haven’t been a whole lot of victories for freedom and the Rule of Law in a while so we wanted to make sure you knew there are some sharp folks in this state that are taking a stand to do the right thing.