June 9, 2020

There used to be a thing people called common sense. It was valued and revered as something people wanted to be known to have. To a lot of people, Governor Cooper’s decision-making and his reasons for making those decisions aren’t passing the common sense test these days.

Governor Roy Cooper vetoed a bipartisan bill this past Friday that had been passed by the NC General Assembly allowing bars to reopen and restaurants to serve people outside at fifty percent capacity. 

The Governor’s veto signals he doesn’t appear to care if small businesses teetering on the brink go broke. It’s really not surprising that it doesn’t seem to faze him when you consider that the Governor didn’t have but one business representative on his COVID-19 advisory task force when he made all the decisions that shut down North Carolina’s economy.

He keeps hiding behind his line that he’s picking winners and losers and keeping bars from opening because of the “science and data.” But when he allows breweries, wineries, distilleries and restaurant bars to open — but keeps bars that don’t sell food closed, that simply doesn’t pass the smell test.

Various industries he’s still keeping closed apparently are filing lawsuits to combat Cooper’s shutdown decisions, so it’s hard to figure out why he won’t allow businesses with thoughtful, rational common sense plans to open at least part of the way – like many restaurants are doing.

No, he seems to want everyone to know who’s boss. Meanwhile, his shutdown decisions keep slapping many small business owners in the face. Can you imagine being a bar owner in Charlotte?  First, Cooper’s statewide shutdown. Then, he pulls the rug out from under allowing the Republican National Convention to come to Charlotte with its $100 plus million economic impact – a second kick in the teeth to Charlotte’s hospitality and tourist industries. Now, he vetoes legislation that could have been a ray of hope for struggling business owners and their employees and families.

It’s hard to understand. Common sense apparently went out the door long ago. Frankly, it’s hard to imagine who’s calling these shots.