June 2, 2020

Here’s an update.  According to a tweet from Joe Bruno with WSOC-TV in Charlotte, Governor Cooper sent a letter to the Republican National Committee saying he will not provide a guarantee that the RNC can host a full national convention in Charlotte as planned August 24-27 – saying “Neither public officials nor I will risk the health and safety of North Carolinians by providing the guarantee you seek” #RNC2020 #ncpol @wsoctv.

You may remember the Carolina Partnership for Reform statewide survey taken May 9, 11-13 showed that 57% of North Carolinians want the convention to go ahead as planned. 65% in the Charlotte media market supported going ahead, while 56% of Unaffiliated voters supported going ahead as planned.  

Hosting a huge political convention would mean real money for the Charlotte area – especially after Cooper’s COVID-19 shutdown in the state has hurt so many businesses and put people out of jobs.  Tourism, restaurants, rental cars, retail stores – so much of the service industry could benefit.

The 2012 Democrat National Convention had a reported economic impact of $163 million. That’s why other states like Texas, Georgia and Florida are eagerly saying they’ll open their doors to the RNC if Governor Cooper keeps Charlotte from hosting.

It seems we’re seeing a pattern.  Governor Cooper was adamant about continuing his statewide shutdown on COVID-19 all for the sake of close distancing and health safety, even when it became clear the shutdown put North Carolina’s economy in the ditch, hurting families’ jobs with skyrocketing unemployment and bankrupting countless businesses. 

Then he apparently ignored his adamant stand on close distancing, masks and COVID protection to join a march outside the Governors Mansion with pictures blazing across the state.

Photo –

Today – Governor Cooper is back standing against an opportunity for Charlotte to host a convention that could help fill the coffers of plenty of hurting NC businesses.

Not saying the pattern makes sense.  But it is a pattern. What kind of signal does it send to small businesses across the state when the Governor doesn’t seem to be standing for them?