So what do North Carolinians really think about #Reopen?

May 20, 2020

As Governor Cooper slowly releases North Carolinians from the coronavirus lockdown he’s imposed on the state for over 8 weeks what do North Carolinians think about the lockdown and reopening?

North Carolinians have mixed feelings about the shutdown and reopening and are divided on how the state should proceed with reopening.

Interestingly, 60% of North Carolinians feel safe or somewhat safe going back to work or out in public NOW.  At the same time people are very divided on what activities they’d engage in when the lockdown is lifted:

With attitudes splitting along party lines:

On one hand, North Carolinians generally support Governor Cooper’s decision manage of the public health crisis caused by coronavirus through a shutdown.  70% of North Carolinians support Governor Cooper’s decision to shutdown the state through May and 60% believe the health benefits of the shutdown outweigh the economic damage it has caused.  57% of the people are more concerned about catching the coronavirus if the shutdown orders are lifted compered to 36% who are more concerned about losing their job if the shutdown orders are not lifted. 

On the other hand, North Carolinians are divided on some of the specifics of Governor Cooper’s orders.  47% of respondents believe we can’t stay locked down forever and it is time to start taking some risks and ease restrictions to avoid and a deep recession while 49% it is too soon and too risky to start reopening now.  37% of people think it is safe for North Carolina to FULLY reopened in May, while 32% believe it will be safe to fully reopen later this summer and 15% believe it won’t be safe until later this fall or next year.  54% of the North Carolinians think Governor Cooper’s was wrong to close churches and keep retail stores open. 

Finally, 32% of respondents claim to know someone in North Carolina infected with the coronavirus while twice that number know someone who has lost their job or otherwise been impacted by the shutdown.

See full topline results here and crosstabs here.