April 24, 2020

So Governor Cooper is extending the stay-at-home order with little change.

Regardless of what you think about that, there’s one curious factor that is noticeably lacking in the Governor’s decision-making. In the selection of his COVID-19 Task Force, there’s only one member that would speak up for business – the head of the NC Chamber, Gary Salamido.

According to a Carolina Journal article that brings this to light, “The sizable task force is largely made up of people representing public health, medicine, education, law enforcement, emergency management, and the state. With the exception of Salamido, the task force lacks an economic or entrepreneurial perspective.”

Isn’t that curious? As the Cooper administration considers the health risks of the Chinese virus to North Carolina’s citizens, the crushing impact being wrought on our economy, on businesses, their employees and all the families involved must be a key part of the decision-making. To not have wise business voices at the table is shocking.

There are many, many business leaders who would provide measured, thoughtful advice at this critical time for our state. A good example of this was the letter that North Carolina businessman Temple Sloan wrote to the Governor April 21 published on Business North Carolina’s website. It laid out wise, reasonable thoughts for how our state should proceed and work with the business community to help restore our economy – the way business used to work with state leaders before liberal influence overtook business’s voice with the governor.

Not appointing more business voices to the COVID-19 Task Force represents a slap in the face to business and industry in our state and illustrates the disdain Cooper’s administration has had for the free enterprise principles business stands for ever since he took office.  And it’s led to a virtually indefinite extension of Cooper’s lockdown.

Remember this when Cooper makes his pronouncements. He says he’s listening to business, but their lack of presence at the decision-making table shows he’s not listening to the people who share your values.