The Reform Decade

December 31, 2019

Fed up voters rejected a century of anti-reform, anti-business rule in the legislature in 2010 – electing a new reform majority to get North Carolina out of an economic ditch rivaling the Grand Canyon.

Here are 10 reforms that have made things better over the past decade:

A tripling of the amount money families can earn tax-free, to $20,000 – and more if Roy Cooper hadn’t vetoed another budget

Lower individual and business income tax rates and tax reduction on consumer purchases – real tax reform that helped generate about 750,000 new jobs.

Reform of the sales tax distribution to boost long-forgotten rural areas.

Affordable college – a four-year tuition freeze for students enrolling at UNC System colleges and $500 tuition on three campuses.

Balanced budgets and spending restraint.

Ending the years-long raid of the Highway Trust Fund.

Removing unnecessary regulations.

A work requirement for able-bodied food stamp recipients.

An opportunity scholarship program giving low-income kids a shot at a better education.

Annual pay raises for teachers, and performance bonuses, that raised average teacher salaries well above $50,000 per year.

Plenty of folks want to retreat in 2020. We say bring on another reform decade. Happy New Year from your friends at the Carolina Partnership for Reform.