A New Vaping Tax? Time To Go Home

October 30, 2019

How many times have conservative reformers signed a pledge promising no new tax increases?

And how many times have they tried to break their pledge in this session?

First, some so-called Conservatives flirted with a new tax on hospital visits to expand Obamacare and hand Roy Cooper a sword to slay them with in 2020. Now they want to blow the pledge a different way: with a politically correct E-cigarette tax.

Word comes that House Finance added a tax increase on E-cigarettes this morning to the Senate’s reform bill raising the standard deduction for middle class families, right before they voted to kill the franchise tax (a double tax) on North Carolina’s job creators.

The coalition that has supported the reform majority over the past decade won’t look favorably on broken promises – especially a broken pledge not to raise our taxes.

Maybe the right move is to put this session to bed in time for trick or treating.