Hypocrites on Teacher Pay

October 29, 2019

Roy Cooper’s press secretary recently tweeted that the Gov is ready to negotiate a teacher pay raise. 

Of course, the truth is Cooper vetoed raises for teachers, denying them all $1,000-$2,000 more a year. 

And Senate liberals just voted the raise down 20-1.

Why? Because Governor Cooper and his Jones St. robots are holding teacher raises hostage until ObamaCare expansion is signed, sealed and delivered. Nothing for teachers. Everything for able-bodied adults who won’t work.

Did you know NCAE Champion Roy Cooper has never signed a single teacher pay raise? Shameful.

The reformers, on the other hand, have raised teacher pay five years in a row and would have done it a sixth time if not for Cooper’s veto. The conservatives should keep calling out Cooper’s hypocrisy on teachers.