Obamacare Expansion: Policy Folly, Political Suicide

October 24, 2019

When Virginia Governor Ralph Northam (of blackface fame) signed ObamaCare expansion, everyone but taxpayers could claim victory.

Liberals got to expand the ranks of government dependency right away by 400,000 and $25 billion, and Republicans got to boast about a work requirement two years from now that’s going to be all of 45 minutes a day to start and 2 hours a day later.

Marvelous, right?

Except now Conservatives who thought they could appease the left by growing government dependency are marked for extinction by the left.

Obama’s Attorney General, Eric Holder – who’s leading the campaign to defeat the reform majority here in NC – is also out to bury Conservatives in Virginia.

“Today, Eric H. Holder, Jr., the 82nd Attorney General of the United States and Chair of the National Democratic Redistricting Committee, endorsed 17 candidates running for office in Virginia’s state legislative elections this November. All of the endorsed candidates have signed NDRC’s Fair Districts Pledge which calls for an end to gerrymandering. Additionally, the NDRC is committing $250,000 to support Democrats running to flip seats in the House of Delegates and state Senate. This quarter-million-dollar investment will be split between early digital advertising and door-to-door voter contact in key races. NDRC is partnering with Common Good Virginia, Democratic Party of Virginia’s Take the Majority 2019, and the digital non-profit ACRONYM to engage voters well ahead of November.”

The Wall Street Journal calls Holder’s big money campaign a “coup.”

But it’s next stop will be North Carolina. And if NC’s reform majority caves on ObamaCare expansion, they won’t deter Holder and the far let – they’ll hand Holder a knife to slash them with. Conservatives can never expand government enough to placate the left.

We’ve detailed the flawed policy behind ObamaCare expansion:

For starters, it imposes a new tax on hospital visits, which will raise healthcare costs.

It also takes 200,000 people off their own private health insurance and puts them on Medicaid.

It cheats the disabled by jamming the rolls with single, childless, able-bodied adults who could work but don’t.

ObamaCare’s Medicaid expansion won’t create jobs like the Ned Barnetts in Big Media claim. The fact is it costs jobs.

With massive cost overruns where it’s been passed, ObamaCare expansion is a prescription for more debt.

And perhaps worst of all, vague bill drafting would give Governor Cooper’s bureaucrats free reign to slant Medicaid expansion the way they want it. Even the bill sponsor admits: “There’s a lot of work still to be done. If you look at the bill, it’s probably one of the shortest, simplest bills for a complex topic, and that leaves a lot of the administrative work yet to be done [by the Department of Health and Human Services].”

Higher taxes. More debt. Fewer jobs. More power for Cooper. And a raw deal for the disabled.

Why is the reform majority in Raleigh if they are giving Cooper a blank check to implement liberal policy? And how is a Conservative reformer going to explain voting for ObamaCare tax increases and job losses when he or she is challenged in 2020? Voting for a tax increase that costs jobs and boots people off their private health insurance equals political suicide
(remember 2010?).

ObamaCare expansion will signal to Conservative-minded North Carolinians that the reform majority has surrendered principle – policy folly and political suicide when seats are being redistricted and the left is closing in for the kill.