Louisiana’s Budget Busting Medicaid Expansion: A Warning

October 11, 2019

House Republicans thinking about voting for Medicaid expansion should watch this video by Louisiana Congressman Ralph Abraham, a doctor, who explains how expansion already has had a $400 million cost overrun. Get ready for a budget hole if North Carolina buys into ObamaCare.

If a busted budget isn’t bad enough, disabled people who can’t work are dying because Medicaid rolls are jammed with able bodied people who won’t work:

“The truly vulnerable continue to get overlooked due to Medicaid expansion. Secretary Gee claimed that her “top priority is to ensure every dollar spent goes towards providing health care to people who need it most. But Louisiana still has tens of thousands of individuals with disabilities on waiting lists for home and community-based services – who aren’t getting the care they need, because Louisiana has focused on expanding Medicaid to the able-bodied. Since Louisiana expanded Medicaid in July 2016, at least 5,534 Louisiana residents with disabilities have died – yes, died – while on waiting lists for Medicaid to care for their personal needs. Louisiana should have placed the needs of these vulnerable patients ahead of expanding coverage to able-bodied adults, tens of thousands of whom already had private health insurance and dropped that insurance to enroll in Medicaid expansion.”

When the facts about ObamaCare expansion are plain to see, why go down this road?

The reason is clear for Roy Cooper’s liberal Democrats. Bigger and bigger government and more and more dependence on bureaucrats and politicians for healthcare.

But there’s no reason for the Reform Conservatives to travel that road with them. Instead, they should stand for self-reliance and helping those who truly can’t help themselves.