October 9, 2019

Big Media is putting on a full court press to trap House Republicans into expanding Medicaid under ObamaCare.

Swerving with the facts, the News & Observer’s Ned Barnett recycles the absurd claim that Medicaid expansion will create 37,000 jobs. 

It’s basic economics (and common sense for most) that when more people get government benefits, there is less need to work and fewer people will work. And the jobs claims have been debunked time and again.

Through the years, economists have studied how Medicaid expansions affect labor force participation. They find up to a 10% reduction in work effort. That would equal 30,000 fewer jobs under Medicaid expansion in North Carolina.

And don’t forget the jobs we lose when money is ripped from the private economy, when tax increases are forced on us to pay the state’s share of the ObamaCare expansion. That cost will be substantial, perhaps enough to wipe out the jobs Ned claims will magically appear. 

Serious studies have shown expansion just won’t do what Governor Cooper and Big Media say it will do. Instead, it will put coverage at risk for the most vulnerable, boot tens of thousands of North Carolinians off their private insurance, and saddle North Carolina families with new taxes.

And as badly as Ned Barnett might want to believe it, there’s no magic jobs bullet in ObamaCare’s Medicaid expansion.