First-Term Senators Re-Introduce Bill To Harm Low-Income Students

April 8, 2019

Earlier this year we told you about progressive members of the NC Senate’s attempt to defund the Opportunity Scholarship program, which was resoundingly defeated by conservative leadership.

Undeterred, first-term progressive Senators Natasha Marcus, Sam Searcy, and Wiley Nickel have filed a bill that would cut off the Opportunity Scholarship fund.

Opponents of the Opportunity Scholarship program cite how much money is being unused in the program, and instead of seeing a chance to expand eligibility to more students with existing funding want to fund their pet projects, like a mandate for a complete overhaul of the energy sector or socialized medicine.

Success stories like Gate City Charter Academy that empower low-income students, or Nariah Hunter, who has become a star student, could be the norm throughout North Carolina. Instead our wide-eyed and hard-charging first-term senators would rather kill innovation and opportunity in the cradle.