Environmentalists Declare War on North Carolinians

April 2, 2019

Gov. Roy Cooper’s Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) released an order yesterday demanding the state’s largest utility, Duke Energy, be responsible for excavating six coal ash basins across the state.

As Gov. Cooper’s administration has reeled from PR crisis to PR crisis regarding the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, and angering many on the left with his permitting of the ACP, he and his staff have been looking to appease environmental groups, and found a target in Duke Energy.

This decision was widely cheered by far-left organizations, including environmental activist Frank Holleman of the Southern Environmental Law Center.

Dan Crawford of the NC League of Conservation Voters went so far as to say the “science and justice demanded” such a move, apparently not stopping to think what common sense and basic economics might demand in exchange.

With several options for addressing coal ash, DEQ chose the most expensive option via excavation, while options such as cap-and-place are as safe and beneficial to the environment and a fraction of the billions of dollars excavation will cost.

Excavation will also mean hundreds of acres of trees being cleared and disruption of daily life for all the communities impacted.

The hysteria that has gripped the left in recent years regarding environmental issues has left them rushing to politically charged decisions that disregard the financial impact on families, from Harper Peterson’s disastrous Green New Deal to Gov. Cooper’s repeated attempts to shakedown utilities.