Empty Words and Blind Partisanship

March 26, 2019

NCAE’s Annual Union Convention was this past weekend, and Union Boss Mark Jewell was busy rallying the troops for a proposed, second annual Rally For Respect.

“I’m sad to say, we still have enemies on Jones Street; we’re fighting even now, for a budget that will prioritize student resources, educator pay and school safety. Some people still stand in the way of those basic, fundamental values.

“So, it’s time we paid them another visit. Just in case they need a reminder that we’re still here, and they still have a job to do.”

Mark Jewell, NCAE Facebook page

Let’s review NCAE’s logic here:

In the final days of the far left leadership in the 2000s, in response to the financial crisis they were unprepared for Gov. Perdue and far left legislators instituted furloughs, froze teacher pay, and decimated our public schools.

Voters had enough of the wasteful spending and the poor leadership of the far left, bringing in new conservative leadership to the legislature.

What has followed since then includes:

Five straight teacher raises, averaging nearly 20% in raises for educators across the state

Significant raises for principals last year

North Carolina rising from 47th to 29th in average teacher pay nationally, and 20th when adjusted for cost of living

This includes two raises totaling nearly 10% that Gov. Cooper vetoed and nearly every single liberal in the legislature voted against. And yet, Jewell has declared the very legislators that voted for teacher raises the enemy.

Actions speak louder than words, and the actions of conservative leadership in the legislature have been one of support for educators and students across the board, while Gov. Cooper’s empty words…

“Last year, thousands of educators marched to the General Assembly to demand help for our schools,” said Jamal Little, a spokesman for Cooper. “Governor Cooper will continue to listen to teachers and fight for the pay and respect they deserve.”

Thousands of NC teachers marched on Raleigh last year. They want to do it again May 1. News & Observer

…seem emptier than ever after two straight vetoes.

Between this and NCAE’s sudden embrace of Medicaid expansion, NCAE is not even trying to hide its far-left motives, let alone their union-like activities.

The blind partisanship embraced by Jewell and NCAE shows that there really isn’t a number or percent of a raise that NCAE would deem “respectful,” and the only thing they desire is a far left legislature that protects their union.