First Term Legislator Kills Medicaid Expansion

March 13, 2019

After all of the lines drawn in the sand by those favoring expansion, what brought about the unexpected end of Medicaid expansion in 2019-20 was the rushed judgment of a first-term legislator, Sen. Kirk deViere.

For those of you who missed the action on the Senate floor, while presumably acting either on bad advice or on no advice, Sen. deViere charged forward with an amendment to the Small Business Healthcare Act (SB 86), that would have expanded Medicaid.

The amendment, by a vote of the members present, was tabled. Under longstanding Senate rules, the principal provisions of any tabled item are considered dead for the rest of that session. The text of this amendment is identical to Senate Bill 3 and House Bill 5, two Medicaid expansion bills with drastically high costs. This effectively ends any chance of Medicaid expansion coming to a vote in the Senate.

And just like that, the line in the sand that Expansionists had drawn is already gone, washed away in a rush of poor judgment by an over eager first-term legislator.