Roy Cooper’s Blast from the Past

March 6, 2019

Ribbon Cutter in Chief Roy Cooper gave a speech yesterday where he laid out several of his priorities for this year’s upcoming budget debate.

The N&O detailed some of the highlights, including:

• An average raise of 9.1% this biennium (last biennium he vetoed a 9.5% raise)

• $40 million to hire more nurses, psychologists and other support staff at schools and $15 million for safety improvements (he vetoed $35 million in similar funding as well as $241 million for building upgrades and renovations last year)

And our personal favorite:

• A $3.9 billion bond referendum “including $800 million for non-school expenses like water and sewer upgrades for cities around the state”

This $3.9 billion bond is fresh off the heels of a House-proposed $1.9 billion bond based on negotiations done with the State Treasurer in which the state’s debt capacity was determined to be $2 billion.

We believe there are better alternatives to a bond, and a $3.9 billion bond that is nearly double the state’s debt capacity is an invitation for disaster similar to the one our state endured under liberal leadership last decade.

Like trains and socialism, our friends on the left are fixated on ideas from the past and re-playing their greatest hits. Apparently, Gov. Cooper is no exception to the rule here, as he is “determined” with his bond proposal and the runaway costs of Medicaid expansion to bring North Carolina back to the high tax, high spend, high debt fiscal insanity of the 2000s that bankrupted our state.