The Anti-Reform Agenda Is Taking Shape

March 1, 2019

The anti-reformers in Raleigh have been hard at work this week, filing a repeal of last year’s municipal charter school bill with the backing of the union political-activist-group NCAE as they seek to maintain their stranglehold on the education of every child in North Carolina.

Last year’s municipal charter bill was introduced and subsequently passed because town officials and parents in Mecklenburg County outside of Charlotte had been neglected by the large school district, with their children being shipped off to a different school every year. Consistent education be damned, CMS had to make sure their charts and graphs looked good.

Now that more autonomy and freedom has been given to parents and smaller towns, CMS and its union political activist friends at NCAE have their fingers back in the pot with this repeal bill.

Between this repeal, their efforts to defund the Opportunity Scholarship, and placing a cap back on charters the anti-reformers are determined to make sure any educational freedom is taken away from families and placed in the hands of unions and bureaucrats.