Ouch: First Term Senator On a Mission to Spend Money

February 27, 2019

First-term Senator Wiley Nickel has hit the ground running after a couple of months on the job. Hungry to make sure he isn’t outflanked by anyone in Raleigh to promise the most amount of money spent he’s co-sponsored bills like a fiscally irresponsible Medicaid expansion bill and giveaways to Hollywood millionaires.

Sen. Nickel’s insatiable desire to spend money that he doesn’t have has put him in some weird places, including this gravity-defying jump to a conclusion:

We’ll give Sen. Nickel a little bit of a pass who, while new to Raleigh, has shown he may not have a concept of budgeting as evidenced by his time working for former President Obama.

PolitiFact was a little less charitable with a matter-of-fact slap down of his farcical claim:

Does it take money earmarked for teacher salaries and put it toward capital projects?

No. We found no evidence that the bill affects teacher salaries or potential raises.

Sen. Nickel and his far left, anti-reform friends in Raleigh will say pretty much anything to spend money they don’t have these days.