School Choice For Me But Not For Thee

February 21, 2019

Politicians like first-term State Senators Kirk deViere and Harper Peterson rode into office on big promises to “invest” – i.e. spend our tax dollars – in all kinds of things. Already, anti-reformers in the legislature are promising Medicaid expansion, a multi-billion-dollar bond, the laughable-if-it-weren’t-so-terrifying Green New Deal, and massive handouts to Hollywood corporations. They might as well say “everyone gets a unicorn” for all of the practicality their Big Ideas have.

Turns out now we know where deViere and Peterson are getting some of that money from: eliminating education funding for low-income North Carolina students.

The Opportunity Scholarship Program has given parents and children access to educational options that would otherwise be unavailable to them. Rather than be trapped in the same cycle of failing schools these students are given a shot at breaking the cycle.

But Asheville Senator Terry Van Duyn – in desperate need of union support for her Lt. Governor bid – is making sure the new legislators on Jones Street pander to teachers unions and keep poor kids stuck in failing schools. She filed an amendment yesterday in the Senate to gut the opportunity scholarship program.

In Van Duyn’s world, only she and her rich, Biltmore Forest neighbors get access to school choice. Poor, minority, and disabled students have to play the hand they’re dealt.