If You Like Your Job, You Can Keep Your Job… If You Work For the Government

February 13, 2019

Forbes: The Best States For Business 2018: North Carolina Leads The Way

Site Selection Magazine: “North Carolina ranks second, as it did the previous three years…”

WRAL: Employment in NC hits record; economist says job growth will continue

An everyday North Carolinian would see those headlines and think we’re doing something right here in North Carolina.

But not Rep. Pricey Harrison and Rep. Susan Fisher.

After filing an ill-advised progressive fantasy wishlist in 2017, they’re back at it with this biennium’s version of their letter to Big Government Santa.

Like 2017’s bill, House Bill 46 would let unions run North Carolina’s government. Let’s be clear about what collective bargaining for state employees means: a government-created monopoly forcing employees to pay dues to an organization that turns those dollars into lobbying efforts that only protect their own interests and keeps the government from ever being cut.

On top of creating a self-perpetuating, never-dying government union Rep. Fisher’s and Rep. Harrison’s offering to the Altar of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez would raise minimum wage all but one year between now and 2024 to the Progressive Poll Tested but Not Basic Economics Tested $15 an hour.

Never mind that a $15 an hour minimum wage means closing small businesses down.

Forget that a $15 an hour minimum wage leads to pushing low skill workers out of work.

While Progressives talk out of one side of their mouth about their distaste for corporations and supporting individual workers, their Fantasy Wishlist will tear down all of the strides we’ve made as a state, destroy small businesses, and price entry-level workers out of the job market.