The Left’s Latest Campaign to Stomp On Student Success

February 5, 2019

Last week the News & Observer reported that certain groups on the left are pushing for a cap on the number of charter schools allowed in North Carolina.

The self-styled champions of “progress,” Public Schools First NC, is making a renewed push to limit the number of educational freedoms that families have, demanding legislators place a cap on charter schools.

After the statewide cap of 100 charter schools was lifted earlier this decade, there was a rush to open more schools, with the number of operating charters soaring to close to 200, and tens of thousands of students across the state on waiting lists to be able to attend.

Opponents of charter schools have not refined their talking points in the two decades since the first charters opened in North Carolina, and insist that school choice of any sort is an infringement on their favorite union organization, NCAE and its sphere of influence.

Perhaps Public Schools First NC has seen the writing on the wall. As charter schools consistently receive higher performance grades across the board than traditional public schools, and admissions waiting lists swelling. Families not only want choice, but students can and do perform better when freed from the oppressive heel of bureaucratic overreach.

Instead of placing an artificial limit on growth, legislative leaders should explore ways to make access to educational freedom easier. From expanding opportunity scholarships to increased online curriculum, tailored educational options should be made as widely available to as many students across the state as possible.