The Anti-Reformers, Part 1: Checking on John Campbell

July 16, 2018

It’s tough to argue you’d fight for taxpayers and teachers when you tried to take from taxpayers and teachers.

That’s what John Campbell’s doing now. And it’s what he did back in the day, when the Robesonian busted him for it:

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And this was AFTER Campbell was charged multiple times for writing bad checks.

John Campbell Check 1John Campbell Check 2

Campbell is still on the Robeson County school board (over 20 years). The schools haven’t gotten any better. But Campbell think his record warrants a seat in the State Senate.

Campbell doesn’t appear to have much of a platform. We know he opposed big, bipartisan teacher pay raises and tax cuts passed by the reformers in the legislature. That’s enough to tell us Campbell is extreme, and he has no interest in reforming the system for North Carolina’s students and working families.

So, to sum it up: John Campbell wrote bad checks. Then he tried to take checks from the taxpayers. And he wants smaller paychecks for teachers and families.

John Campbell is no reformer. Aren’t you glad we checked?