June 16, 2017

There’s a reality show called “Naked and Afraid.” Governor Cooper would star in “Naked Politics.” Even the Charlotte Observer certifies it.

Here’s what the liberal editorial board said about the governor’s demand for a redistricting special session:

“On Wednesday, the governor called for a special 14-day session for the legislative branch to draw new maps for the legislative districts involved in the Supreme Court ruling. It was an unusual request, given that the legislature was already at work in Raleigh. Republicans promptly rejected the extra session and accused the governor of grandstanding.

They’re right. The governor’s move was clumsy. It made him look nakedly political – and at least a little silly – while pulling off the difficult feat of having N.C. Republicans look like the responsible ones in the room… Cooper reinforced the acrimony between Democrats and Republicans in Raleigh, making compromise on this issue even more unlikely than it already is.

Cooper took the easy political path.”

The Governor’s hypocrisy is glaring. He led the fight for racially polarized, partisan redistricting as a State Senator. And he fought against a court drawing districts as Attorney General because he didn’t like the judge’s result.

And now the Governor talks about fairness? Naked Politics – starring Roy Cooper.