June 14, 2017

So now the fate of the conservative majority may hinge on the redistricting roulette playing out in the courts.

Under one scenario, the Governor could get his public wish – a snap election with new districts drawn in a special session. With a Democratic base hopped up on anti-Trump hate and the Governor’s power to auction off briefings by Cabinet Secretaries for a war chest, Governor Cooper could kill reform by winning enough seats to sustain his veto.

Or Roy Cooper could flip the Legislature with new districts drawn by Judge Wynn.

Is the conservative majority going to fight?

A new poll by the Carolina Partnership for Reform shows tax cuts are the high ground. A solid 67% of voters believe reducing the amount of income tax people and businesses have to pay helps create jobs and grow the economy. And 50% name jobs as either their first or second priority.

When it comes to capping income tax, 62% of the people favor a Constitutional Amendment stating income tax shall not exceed 5.5%, while only 31% oppose it. Asking a different way, voters support reducing the maximum allowed income tax from 10% to 5.5% by a 66%-27% margin.

The smart strategy for the next election should focus on creating jobs and growing the economy by cutting business taxes and increasing the standard deduction so families can earn more money tax-free. And do it in a big and not a piddling amount, and people will notice.

Tax cuts to grow the economy are the right thing to do. Roy Cooper may think Judge Wynn and legal wrangling are the high cards. But conservatives have the issues if they unite behind tax cuts in a big way.