April 26, 2017

The polls say Bernie Sanders is the most popular politician in America.

Sanders. The socialist.

Meanwhile, the average Venezuelan has lost 19 pounds as people slowly starve amid a collapsing socialist economy. Yes – a socialist economy. A Bernie Sanders style economy where free markets and individual initiative are smothered by government control and bureaucratic dictates.

Venezuela once was rich. But two decades of socialist malpractice has bankrupted the nation. The stores are empty of everything from toilet paper to food and the socialist government kills protesters.

How do you square the fact that socialist Bernie Sanders is the most popular politician in America with the fact that socialist Venezuela is in chaos as the economy plunges and people starve?

It’s probably because the average American has no clue what socialism is or how it turns once prosperous people into poverty stricken beggars. The schools used to teach about socialism and communism. Does anybody think students really learn the truth today?

No. It’s up to people who know the truth to support organizations like the Carolina Partnership for Reform that are dedicated to defending free markets and free enterprise.

And it’s up to the conservative majority in the Legislature to change the educational system. It won’t be reformed from within. Change must come from the outside through a real program of school choice. Not something small. Something big that allows every family to choose a better school for their children.

The conservative majority has the power to act now. So act now. You won’t have power forever.

Bernie Sanders is the most popular politician in America. His beliefs are leading to starvation and death in Venezuela right now. And that ought to scare all of us. If only people knew.