March 28, 2017

Beware Greeks bearing gifts? No. They’re fine. Beware NCAE lobbying for passage of HB13. It’s spiked with Jim Jones style suicide Kool-Aid.

The House passed HB13 allowing local school bureaucrats to evade the 1/16 – 1/17 class size reduction in the early grades reform-minded conservatives put into law two years ago that will take effect this fall.

The bureaucrats would rather jam 24 or more kids into a class so classes stay big and bureaucrats can spend class size reduction money on other things. 

Despite time to get ready for lowering class size, school bureaucrats claim they will fire art and music teachers if they actually have to lower class size in early grades. Talk about scare tactics. 

Now you would think the NCAE union would welcome class size reduction. Nope. They’re demanding Senators pass HB13 so the bureaucrats can keep over crowding early grades. 

And then the hammer falls. Senators taking the bait will see ads accusing them of raising class size, because the class size reduction scheduled for the fall won’t have happened. 

HB13 is a NCAE trap. And if art and music teachers really can’t be funded unless we stack first graders on top of each other, Governor Cooper’s budget gives us an answer. Cut the 20 new bureaucrats for stage one of the Regan regulatory buildup or chop the 15 million bucks for Hollywood movie tax giveaways and fund art and music. 

Or fund them by cutting $100,000 for a new bureaucrat to harass charter schools or the $150,000 for whiz bang video at the Board of Education. 

Don’t drink the Kool-Aid. Bury the NCAE’s trap six feet under in the Rules Committee.