February 23, 2017

A suggestion: The legislature should cut off salary money for Governor Cooper’s ghost cabinet secretaries.

And we mean ghost secretaries because, according to Roy Cooper, they haven’t yet been appointed.

Cooper is fighting tooth and nail to keep his cabinet secretaries out of the Senate confirmation room. Larry Hall no-showed again today, for the third time. And the governor and his left-wing parrots have resorted to a bizarre argument: Sitting cabinet secretaries haven’t really been nominated.


These cabinet secretaries – a term Cooper uses to describe them –have taken the oath of office and assumed their new titles. Oh, and they’re collecting big cabinet-level salaries too, which state law says the governor sets for his “officers.”

Cooper can’t have it both ways. Either his cabinet is his cabinet, or it is yet to be nominated. If he’s sincere that it’s the latter, then taxpayers shouldn’t be on the hook for six-figure compensation.

But we understand why Cooper doesn’t want Mandy Cohen at HHS to have to answer questions about her failed record as an Obamacare bureaucrat, or DEQ’s Michael Regan’s hostility toward the agriculture industry.

Which is why the legislature can’t let them hide.

Cut off their salaries and they’ll come forward.