February 10, 2017

Let’s compare Democratic Governor Roy Cooper and Democratic U.S. Senator Cory Booker on giving parents the power to choose their child’s school.

69% of North Carolina voters support opportunity scholarships and 66% are more likely to vote for a candidate for Legislature favoring school choice. 

But Cooper says “I am very concerned and have opposed vouchers because of the lack of accountability…”

Of course, he’s wrong because the kids on opportunity scholarships take nationally standard achievement tests, their scores are reported to the state and their private schools must comply with anti-discrimination laws. Even the News & Observer fact checkers couldn’t say Cooper’s statement was true.

The truth is Cooper demands school accountability. Accountability to government. To bureaucrats. To unions. To administrators drawing six-figure checks. And to politicians. Accountability to everyone except the parents who know and love the child.

New Jersey’s Cory Booker, a potential 2020 presidential candidate, believes schools should be accountable to parents who have the power to choose their child’s school. Here’s Booker, in a clip the Wall Street Journal found of the U.S. Senator speaking to Betsy DeVos’ school choice foundation:

“I cannot ever stand up and stand against a parent having options, because I benefited from my parents having options. And when people tell me they’re against school choice, whether it’s the Opportunity Scholarship Act or charter schools, I look at them and say: As soon as you are telling me you are willing to send your kid to a failing school.” 

Yes. Opportunity scholarships are about the freedom to send the child you know and love to a school that works for them and is accountable to parents. That’s why they’re supported by Republicans and New Jersey Democrats alike. Just not by big unions. And not by Roy Cooper.

Help the Carolina Partnership for Reform mobilize the 69% who support opportunity scholarships. Expanding school choice should be job one for the reform majority.