NEWS RELEASE: Why No Coverage of Cooper Salaries?

February 8, 2017

FEBRUARY 8, 2017
CONTACT: Bob Harris ([email protected])

Jim Valvano became an immortal figure through his heroic “never ever give up” speech in the face of terminal bone cancer.

But we remember when a couple of mediocre players ginned up a supposed tell-all book against Coach V. Within a month, they had collected a foot high stack of News & Observer articles attacking him. It was a media feeding frenzy. And to NCSU’s everlasting shame, a gutless Chancellor who couldn’t stand media heat threw Valvano overboard.

We saw another media frenzy four years ago against a McCrory aide who got a well-paying job at NCDHHS. The press kicked him from pillar to post. And within hours of their appointment, every department secretary McCrory named had their salary breathlessly reported by the media and compared to their predecessor’s pay.

There’s nothing wrong with reporting taxpayer-funded salaries, of course. CPR knows transparency and accountability are crucial to real reform. But it need not be a sensational firestorm. More importantly: it can’t be one-sided.

How many Cooper Administration secretary salaries have you seen in the newspaper?


And why is that?

It’s getting harder and harder to believe it’s not because the media hated Pat McCrory’s politics and took every chance to attack him. But now they love Roy Cooper’s big government politics, so they’re doing everything they can to help him.

Because Governor Cooper is hiring campaign workers and Democrat operatives for big jobs – just like Gov. McCrory – yet nothing gets reported about their salaries.

Where’s the accountability?