January 27, 2017

Everyone knows the VA has been a mess for years. And before Mandy Cohen became an Obamacare bureaucrat, she was Deputy Director of Women’s Health at the VA.

The Government Accountability Office found the VA was not in compliance with its own rules for caring for female veterans in an audit during Cohen’s watch.

GAO reported: ”The extent to which VA medical facilities we visited were following VA policies that apply to the delivery of health care services for women veterans varied, but none of the facilities had fully implemented VA policies pertaining to women veterans’ health care. In particular, none of the VAMCs or CBOCs we visited were fully compliant with VA policy requirements related to privacy for women veterans.

Only two of the nine VAMCs and one of the eight CBOCs we visited were fully compliant with VA’s requirement that exam rooms where gynecological exams are conducted have immediately adjacent rest rooms. In most of the outpatient clinics we toured, a woman veteran would have to walk down the hall to access a restroom, in some cases passing through a high-traffic public corridor or a mixed-gender waiting room.

While most VAMCs offer mixed-gender residential mental health treatment programs or inpatient psychiatric services, few have specialized programs for women veterans.”

Let’s review Cohen: Obamacare and Medicaid and Medicare fraud right under her nose. A husband in a law firm that defended healthcare fraud – a conflict of interest to anyone who isn’t in Washington. A defense of the disastrous Obamacare Co-Ops. VA noncompliance.

Given her checkered record, is Mandy Cohen up to the job at NCDHHS? And did Roy Cooper ignore her record and pick her so her Washington pals would rush through his illegal Obamacare expansion?