January 26, 2017

Roy Cooper will soon face a choice between the thousands of jobs the Atlantic Coast Natural Gas Pipeline will produce for North Carolina families… and the waterdogs.

The Neuse River Waterdog doesn’t wag its tail, beg or bark. Maybe it hisses. It’s a salamander.

Here it is.

And because the waterdog is so precious, so necessary and so rare, environmental activists want Roy Cooper to stop the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline, since it might disturb the waterdog or offend other activist sensitivities.

It’s going to be North Carolina’s version of the war against the Keystone Pipeline.

And the activists gunning for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline are very plugged into our new Governor. The Neuse and Pamlico River Keepers are part of Sound Rivers which is a member of the North Carolina Environmental Partnership. .

The News and Observer said the Partnership spent $1.6 million to elect Cooper.

That’s 1.6 million reasons for Cooper to deny a pipeline construction permit or get his DEQ nominee Michael Regan – a veteran of the Environmental Defense Fund – to kill the project with a death by a thousand regulatory cuts.

And what would Cooper be killing if he sabotages the Atlantic Coast Pipeline? Jobs, paychecks and tax revenue for Eastern North Carolina.

The Halifax County Economic Development Commission said: “Investments in infrastructure help lay the foundation for economic growth. Dominion, Duke Energy, Piedmont Natural Gas and AGL Resources are planning the Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP), a 550-mile long natural gas pipeline that will traverse three states and several of the most economically challenged counties in North Carolina. The ACP is expected to be in service by late 2018.

The ACP will be a largely underground structure planned to run approximately 200 miles through Northampton, Halifax, Nash, Wilson, Johnston, Sampson, Cumberland and Robeson counties. There are huge economic implications for North Carolina with the construction of the pipeline. Even during construction, it is estimated the ACP would create more than $680 million in economic activity in North Carolina and support more than 4,400 jobs.”

The pipeline means permanent jobs and paychecks, too.

After construction, lower priced natural gas from West Virginia will replace higher cost sources in the Gulf, generating yearly utility bill savings of $130 million and 900 new jobs through faster growth.

Real, working people could gain $48 million annually in labor income. But the environmental activists and their rich donors aren’t concerned about people.

Donald Trump is green-lighting pipelines to create jobs. Will Cooper and Regan side with people or a lizard looking thing? Our money is on the lizard looking thing. Because the North Carolina Environmental Partnership wants payback, and that means killing the Atlantic Coast Pipeline no matter how many jobs it costs.

Yep. Since the pipeline has to cross streams, preserving peace and quiet for the Neuse River Waterdog will become the cause celebre of the left-wing activists who backed Cooper. Meryl Streep might drop by to pet one.