January 17, 2017

In response to a federal court blocking the Governor’s illegal ObamaCare expansion, the News and Observer reported, ”Cooper spokeswoman Noelle Talley criticized Flanagan’s decision and said legislators were putting political ideology ahead of bringing jobs and better health care to North Carolina.”

“’They’re wasting taxpayer dollars and letting money already paid by North Carolinians go to other states,’ Talley stated in an email.’

Fake facts from Cooper’s partisan Minister of Propaganda that have been debunked by the Nonpartisan Congressional Research Service:

“A recent report from the Congressional Research Service (CRS) confirms what many policy experts have known for some time: states that reject Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion aren’t sending that Medicaid expansion money to other states. Instead, that money is simply never spent.

This revelation is important because numerous governors and state lawmakers from across the country have used this argument to justify their support for expanding Medicaid through Obamacare. However, as CRS succinctly explains, these arguments are entirely frivolous.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for the media to challenge Cooper’s fake facts.