January 16, 2017

You can’t make this stuff up: Sam Cohen – a top healthcare fraud attorney at Arent Fox in Washington – is married to Mandy Cohen, the Chief Operating Officer of Barack Obama’s Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Mandy Cohen is Roy Cooper’s choice to run NCDHHS.

Incredibly, CMS has to sign off on Governor Cooper’s illegal Medicaid expansion plan, which means a top boss at CMS (Mandy Cohen) is negotiating a job offer from Cooper while she reviews his Medicaid expansion plan to put able-bodied adults who won’t work on the rolls.

But it gets better. In Florida, the giant public hospital known as Broward Health paid $70 million to settle healthcare fraud that involved CMS.

Arent Fox – the law firm of Sam Cohen – represented Broward Health against the federal government.

In other words, while Broward Health was allegedly ripping off Medicare and Medicaid, the law firm of the husband of a top Medicare and Medicaid official was trying to settle the case for their client accused of bilking the taxpayers.

Talk about a web of conflicts.

And there is more. The Florida Bulldog reported 19 Arent Fox lawyers billed taxpayer supported Broward Health over $10 million in fees and expenses.

And you have to love this: Arent Fox even billed $1.99 for M&M peanut candy.

Wouldn’t it be funny if Sam Cohen was the big shot DC lawyer billing for his M&M’s?