January 13, 2017

Wow. Talk about collusion and conflict of interest. As Governor Cooper needs an OK from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services for his illegal Medicaid expansion, the Obama Administration bureaucrats need new jobs. And so barring a last-minute change of direction, Cooper is expected to appoint Mandy Cohen -Chief Operating Officer at CMS – as our new NCDHHS Secretary.

No wonder CMS is expected to approve Cooper’s illegal Medicaid expansion scheme quicker than a cobra bites. Because the boss, Mandy Cohen, needs that plum job at NCDHHS since Donald Trump is going to boot her out of CMS.

And if you think NCDHHS is a mess now, wait until Cohen gets ahold of it. This ABC News video shows $60 billion stolen from Medicare and the Fiscal Times reveals $124 billion in Medicare and Medicaid waste and fraud while Cohen has helped manage or mismanage the agency.

Then Cooper and Cohen seem more interested in putting able bodied adults who don’t work on the entitlement rolls than they are in cleaning up the system.

At NCDHHS, Mandy Cohen may have conflicts with her healthcare lawyer husband Sam. He advises clients on healthcare fraud regulations and Senators need a full account of his legal business.

With ObamaCare premiums spiking, it’s inconceivable Governor Cooper would choose an official who implemented ObamaCare to regulate healthcare in North Carolina. But then it really isn’t.

And by the way, before she secured jobs in the Obama Administration, Cohen ran Doctors for America -a group advocating Bernie Sanders style, single payer, government run healthcare and gun bans.

Oh my.